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Cardiology: Research & Publications

Cardiology: Research & Publications

EMPIRE (Escorts Multiple ProNova Implantation Registry) Study: Evaluating the ProNova SES in De Novo Coronary Artery Lesions

Praveer Agarwal 1, Suman Bhandari, K Subramanyam, Rajneesh Kapoor, Pramod Kumar, Sanjay Chugh, Madhukar Shahi, Balbir Singh, Atul Mathur, Rr Kasliwal, Ts Kler, Naresh Trehan
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PMID: 19033621
Background: The main limitation of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with bare metal stents was the increased incidence of instant restenosis. The introduction of drug-eluting stents has decreased the rate of restenosis. Various DESs, using different drugs and stent designs, are now being used in interventional cardiology worldwide. The EMPIRE study was conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the slow-release sirolimus-eluting ProNova stent in de novo coronary artery lesions in patients with single- or multi-vessel disease. METHODS AND RESULTS- A total of 300 patients, enrolled in a single-centre registry, were successfully implanted with ProNova, a sirolimus-eluting stent (SES). They were followed up clinically, first at 30 days and then six months after the procedure for parameters like death, target vessel failure, documented myocardial infarction (MI) and restenosis. Assessment of binary restenosis was done angiographically at six months. The primary success rate of stent implantation was 100%, the percentage of acute major adverse cardiac events (MACE) being 0% and 2% at 30 days and six months, respectively. Angiographic restenosis was documented in 12.6% of the patients enrolled in the study.
Conclusion: The ProNova stent was found to be safe and effective in this trial.  

Prevention of coronary artery disease from childhood

January 1991, Indian Heart Journal 54(6):726-30, Source, PubMedAuthors: Rajneesh Kapoor, Savitri Shrivastva


Indian Heart J
. Sep-Oct 2013;65(5):566-85. doi: 10.1016/j.ihj.2013.08.032. Epub 2013 Sep 23.

Role of thrombolysis in reperfusion therapy for the management of AMI: Indian scenario

Jamshed Dalal 1, Prasant Kumar Sahoo, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Anil Dhall, Rajneesh Kapoor, A Krishnamurthy, Sadanand R Shetty, Shailendra Trivedi, Dhiman Kahali, Bhupesh Shah, K Chockalingam, Jabir Abdullakutty, Pradeep K Shetty, Arun Chopra, Raja Ray, Devang Desai, Pachiyappan, Gajanan Ratnaparkhi, Mridul Sharma, K A Sambasivam
Affiliations expand - PMID: 24206881 PMCID: PMC3861063 DOI: 10.1016/j.ihj.2013.08.032, Free PMC article, No abstract available
Keywords: AMI; CAD; STEMI; Thrombolytics in AMI

Case Reports J Am Coll Cardiol
. 2014 May 13;63(18):e47. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2013.11.068. Epub 2014 Mar 19.
Iatrogenic large intramyocardial pseudoaneurysm after coronary artery bypass surgery and its successful percutaneous closure
Gagandeep Singh Wander 1, Rajneesh Kapoor 2, Manish Bansal 3, Kulbir Ahlawat 4, Naresh Trehan 5
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PMID: 24657247 DOI: 10.1016/j.jacc.2013.11.068

Indian Heart J
. Jan-Feb 2005;57(1):62-4.

Use of PercuSurge in primary angioplasty

Rajneesh Kapoor 1, Yadav K D Bhatta, Praveen Chandra
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PMID: 15852898
Thrombus load and its subsequent distal embolization causing slow flow makes primary angioplasty a challenging task. Although data is scanty, these complications may be potentially mitigated by use of distal protection devices. We report 6 cases of PercuSurge distal protection device-assisted primary angioplasty. All lesions were stented with patients achieving brisk TIMI 3 flow; none of the patients had in-hospital major adverse cardiac events. The strategy of PercuSurge Guardwire-assisted primary angioplasty seems encouraging in improving successful outcome in this subset of patients

Early PTCA after acute MI-E.H.I.R.C. experience
AKomar, Rajneesh kapoor, Nishith Chandra, RR kasliwal, Naresh trehan, Indian Heart Journal, 50(9) : 613; 1998.

Efficacy of IVC filters implantation in prevention of pulmonary embolism
Rajneesh kapoor, Atul mathur, Nishith Chandra, Ashok omar, RR kasliwal, Naresh trehan. , Indian Heart Journal, 52 :740; 2000.

Effect of significant MR on outcome of CABG in patients with CAD and LV dysfunction

RR kasliwal, Sanjay mittal, Rajneesh kapoor, Sameer shrivastava, Vijay kohli, Naresh trehan, Indian Heart Journal , 52 :706; 2000.

Prevention of coronary artery disease from childhood
Rajneesh kapoor, Savitri shrivastava, Indian heart journal,vol.54,6,726-730;2003.

Stenting of Vertebral artery ostial lesions
Atul mathur, Rajneesh kapoor, A seth, Narendra khanna, Nishith Chandra, Roopa salwan, Dhirendra singhania, Sunil aggarwal, Ravi R kasliwal, Naresh trehan. Indian Heart Journal, 53 :631; 2001.

Carotid artery stenting with or without neuroprotection
Rajneesh kapoor, Atul mathur, Ashok seth, Narender khanna, Nishith Chandra, Shashi ranjan, Parveen Chandra, Reyan anis, Ravi R kasliwal, Naresh trehan., Indian Heart Journal, 53 :631; 2001.

Safety & efficacy of transcatheter closure v/s minimally invasive surgery (Heart port access) for closure of atrial septal defect
Radhakrishnan S, Mahajan V, Shrivastava S, Kapoor R. Abstract presented- Pediatric Intervention Cardiac Symposium- PICS V1.

Our Initial experience with Drug – Eluting Stents
Jezhilan, A mathur, A seth, TS kler, S bhandari, P Chandra, P aggarwal, R salwan, K subramanyam, R kapoor, S aggarwal., Indian Heart Journal, 54 :489; 2002.

Thrombectomy devices- current status
R kapoor, P Chandra, A mathur, P aggarwal, R salwan, S bhandari, TS kler, A seth., Indian Heart Journal, 54 :517; 2002.

Percutaneous vascular sealing devices in percutaneous coronary interventions 
J ezhilan, R kapoor, A mathur, P Chandra, P aggarwal, R salwan, S bhandari, TS kler, A seth, N trehan.,  Indian Heart Journal, 54 :529; 2002.

Neuroprotection during carotid stenting
A mathur, R kapoor, J ezhilan, R salwan, N khanna, A seth, P Chandra, TS kler, N Chandra, N trehan., Indian Heart Journal, 54 :530; 2002.

Aortic pseudo aneurysm device closure
case presented – TCT’03.

Use of Percutaneous VSD closure device in post M.I. VSD subset.
R kapoor, G minocha, YKD bhatta, R salwan, D singhania, P Chandra, S radhakrishnan, A mathur, S shrivastava, A seth., Indian Heart Journal, 55 :459; 2003.

Use of Percusurge Guardwire in Primary angioplasty.
YKD bhatta, R kapoor, S aggarwal, G minocha, J ezhilan, TA madheshwaran, R salwan, D singhania, P aggrwal, A mathur, P Chandra, A seth., Indian Heart Journal, 55 :482; 2003.

Sirolimus eluting stents for treatment of Instent restenotis.
G minocha, R kapoor, J ezhilan, YKD bhatta, R salwan, D singhania, K damodaran, P Chandra, P aggarwal, A mathur, S bhandari, TS kler, A seth., Indian Heart Journal, 55 :451; 2003.

Coronary thrombus aspiration Using an Export catheter in thrombus containing lesions during primary or elective coronary interventions
G minocha, R kapoor, P Chandra,,R salwan, M shahi, D singhania, P aggarwal, A mathur, M minocha, A dhall, TA madheshwaran, TS kler, A seth., Indian Heart Journal, 55 :452; 2003.

Percutaneous Device closure in a post myocardial infarction ventricular septal defect.
P gupta, A mathur, S radhakrishnan, S shrivastava, A seth, M shashi, A omar, R kapoor, N chouhan, N trehan. The American Journal of Cardiology, 94 (6) suppl., 2004.

Sirolimus eluting stents for the treatment of lesions in small coronary arteries
Gaurav minocha, Mitu  A monocha, Rajneesh kapoor, Roopa salwan, Niraj gupta, Sunil aggarwal, Parveen Chandra, Parveer aggarwal, Atul mathur, Suman bhandari, TS kler, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5) : 424; 2004. 

Role of Drug Eluting Stents in chronic total occlusion
Niraj gupta, Rajneesh kapoor, Aseem dhal, Gaurav minocha, sunil aggarwal, Dhirender singhania, Roopa salwan, Sanjay chug, Parveer aggarwal, Parveen Chandra, Atul mathur, TS kler, Ravi R kasliwal, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 425; 2004.

Role of Drug Eluting Stents in Saphenous vein grafts
Niraj gupta, Rajneesh kapoor, Gaurav minocha, Sanjay kumar, Sunil aggarwal, Dhirender singhania, Roopa salwan, Atul mathur, Parveer aggarwal, Parveen Chandra, Suman bhandari, TS kler, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 425; 2004. 

Drug Eluting Stents with Abciximab cover : A novel way to treat Triple Vessel Disease 
Rajneesh kapoor, Gaurav minocha, Suman bhandari, Roopa salwan, Dhirender singhania, Mitu minocha, Niraj gupta, Praveen Chandra, Parveer aggarwal, TS kler, Atul mathur, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 425; 2004.

“Proxis” Proximal Embolic Protection Device in saphenous vein graft interventions : Initial Indian Experience
Sunil K aggarwal, Dhirender singhania, Roopa salwan, Praveen Chandra, Praveer aggarwal, Gaurav minocha, Rajneesh kapoor, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 441; 2004. 

Role of  Inferior vena cava Filter in prevention of Pulmonary Embolism
Nishith Chandra, Rajneesh kapoor, Atul mathur, Gaurav minocha, Bhupinder singh, Ashok Omar, Ravi R kasliwal, Trilochan S Kler, Praveen Chandra, Ashok seth. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 466; 2004. 

Endovascular Stenting  for Aortic Aneurysms
Rajneesh kapoor, Gaurav minocha, Nagender Chauhan, Niraj gupta, Sanjay kumar, Kaiser khan, Sunil K aggarwal, Dhirender singhania, Roopa salwan, Madhukar shahi, Atul mathur, Praveer aggarwal, Praveen Chandra, TS kler, Ashok seth.  Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 520; 2004. 

Ventricular septal rupture following Acute Myocardial Infarction
Mitu A minocha, Ashok K omar, Gaurav minocha, Rajneesh kapoor, Atul mathur, S Radhakrishnan, Ravi R kasliwal, Naresh Trehan. Indian Heart Journal, 56 (5): 559; 2004.

Eptifibatide – Induced profound Thrombocytopenia.
N gupta, R kapoor, S bhandari. Indian Heart Journal, 56 No.3:251-252; 2004.

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