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Top Doctors response to Covid 19 FAQ

Top Doctors response to Covid 19 FAQ

On 20th October Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Nation on Covid 19, urging people not to lower their gods in fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Best Cardiologist in India Dr Rajneesh Kapoor working as vice chairman at Medanta Hospital and Dr Sanjay Mittal who works as Senior director at clinical cardiology and Research division,  Medanta Hospital addressed very important concerns related to coronavirus pandemic in India.

Is Corona still as big as problem as it was 7 months ago ?

Dr Sanjay Mittal : Prime Minister addressing Country on Covid is a strong indicator that Covid 19 continue to be a serious issue. There is decline because of measures we all have taken like masking , physical distancing and hand sanitizing. But there is no way we can relent, corona has not gone away. 

Do Young people need to be equally careful ? 

Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor : Younger ones need to be careful ,yes , can go outside with all precautions. But elderly need to avoid outside exposure as much as they can. The mortality risk is seen highest in the elders. 

Covid 19 can cause damage to heart , is it right ?

Dr. Sanjay Mittal : There are reports of heart damage from Covid 19 infection. Mainly through inflammatory pathway.

Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor : Covid19 mainly a respiratory disease , but seen to cause heart condition like myocarditis , occlusion of arteries. 

( Full description in video) 

Is it ok to order food from outside ? 
Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor : First advise is to take maximum precautions , avoid outside contact as much possible. Still if need to be taken, it's advised to use best possible sanitizing actions. 
( Detailed answer in Video) 

Can air pollution cause heart attack 
Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor : There is evidence of air pollution triggering heart attack. The risk rises in winters ( Watch video to know more ) 

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