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Need heart valve repalcement but cannot undergo heart surgery? Here is what to do


Heart Valve disease is 3rd biggest cause of deaths from heart disease, despite most deaths being preventable. More than one-third of heart valve patients die because of a lack of timely treatment. According to experts, lack of awareness & access to newer treatment modalities are reasons behind this.
Following is a detailed explainer in which you can learn about
1 to 1:15 - heart valve functions
1:15 to 3:22 - how can the valves malfunctioning (Aortic Stenosis) can obstruct normal blood circulation causing a severe threat to life
3:22 to 5:50 - treatment options for diseases heart valves, aortic and mitral valve replacement without surgery, parameters for success in heart valve treatment, and quality of life after tavr/tavi

Remember- The right information and timely treatment by an experienced Doctor is the key to long-lasting survival in heart disease patients.

Special Thanks to:
Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor
•Award Winning Indian Cardiologist with record-setting 98% success rate in Transcatheter aortic valve replacement ( tavr/tavi) and transcatheter mitral valve replacement (tmvr), 100% Valve deployment 
•Vice Chairman - Interventional Cardiology at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, India 
Disclaimer: The information is issued towards public awareness and is not to be substituted for any medical advised
  • For elderly & surgery high-risk patients who need aortic valve replacement Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, popularly known as tavr or tavi, can be lifesaving. There is no blood loss, no cuts, hospital stay time is as short as 3-4 days, & patients are completely free from signs of heart valve disease such as breathlessness & fatigue.


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