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Post Covid symptoms that needs heart check-up

Post Covid symptoms that needs heart check-up

Cardiac issues are being noticed in patients, even 3 months after recovery from coronavirus infection. Difficulty in breathing, body fatigue & sweating are more pronounced persistent symptoms even months after in covid recovered patients. Attributing these symptoms always t sequalae of covid infection may actually be misleading and the patients should always be evaluated for detailed cardiac check up.

This was told by Punjab Rattan Awardee, Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor, who works as Vice -Chairman at department of Interventional Cardiology, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram.

Dr. Kapoor says that “Coronavirus is predominantly a respiratory infection but has been also noted to cause inflammation in different parts of the cardiovascular system, from muscles of the heart to blood supplying arteries.

He says “In our large experience of treating Covid patients at Medanta, 10% of Covid treated patients were found out to be harbouring serious heart dysfunctions.

Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor says “In another spectrum, many Covid treated patients also manifest cardiac complications months after resolution of Covid infection. One rare presentation of complete heart block (Slow heart rate) requiring pacemaker was encountered in 2 patients almost 2 months post covid.”

He says that “The virus involvement is seen in blood clot formation, known as thrombosis. It also leads to endothelium (innermost layer of arteries) dysfunction. Patients who suffer such issues are disposed to a higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.”

He says “We are getting cases of heavy breathing, palpitation, and body aches . Many of them (around 40%) are having a history of different levels of Covid -19 infection — mild, moderate, or severe. Even those who didn’t have any pre - cardiac issues can develop heart complications post corona.”

“Post recovery when these people face breathing complications, it is the lungs which are checked. An ECG and Echocardiography test reveals heart conditions later. In context to resuming exercise regime post covid , one should avoid for 6-8 weeks after covid and then gradually restart it starting with walks.” he said .

“We are finding many cases with abnormalities in patients. We are, therefore, conducting a study to understand the effect on the heart of those recovered. There are a lot of eco -cardiology things that can be picked up to understand if there can be complications in the future. If we can identify, then we can be more vigilant.” He told

Dr. Kapoor says “Patients can lower their risk of cardiovascular disease -related mortality by being careful on recognizing the signs and symptoms. A simple ECG test and Echocardiography can reveal if the symptoms are heart-related or not. Most of the heart-related diseases are completely treatable provided medical attention is given on time .

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